March 22, 2009

What were they thinking?!

In this edition of 'What Were They Thinking?!": AcipHex.

Take a moment to sound that out in your head. Yup. The worst pronunciation you came up with? That's the one.

I saw an ad for this drug on TV the other day, and I thought, "This has GOT to be the resurrection of the ol' Energizer Bunny commercial. Any minute now that little bunny and his bass drum are going to mosey across the screen...wait for it...wait for it..." Alas, he was a no show. Then, I thought maybe it was a plug for a 'Best of SNL Commercials' show à la "Oops, I Crapped My Pants." Wrong again.
Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your televisions.
This is for real.

AcipHex is apparently a drug that treats heartburn. Heartburn is, of course, a digestive condition, so I suppose the name is apropos, but COME ON!!! What suit walked into the board room and said, "I got it. This is definitely the name we should go with. It's perfect." No doubt, the other suits all nod in agreement and pat suit #1 on his (yes, HIS) back for a job well done.

After watching the TV ad, I can't believe the voice-over guy didn't totally crack up as he was reading the script. In fact, he probably did, necessitating several takes, but at least he got paid for saying it. What if you are the patient and you see this commercial and decide this is the answer to your prayers? I guess if things were bad enough, you wouldn't care what the stupid thing was called as long as it worked. I'm just imagining...A guy walks into a doctor's office and says, "Doc I need some AcipHex know."
Just another one of those situations that, if the executives over at AcipHex had asked me, I think we could've avoided this embarrassing ordeal all together. But they didn't ask me. I hope they learned their lesson.
Talk to your doctor about how AcipHex may be right for you.


Myka said...

A**Effects! LOL. Seriously?!

Stacey said...

That's kind of creepy!


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