April 18, 2009

Love Letter

Dear Orange Dress-

We just met and I am already in love with you. You are so good looking, I fear you might be too good for me. I thank my friend for encouraging me to go out and meet you. The minute I saw you, I knew you had to be mine. You are so right for me, and I can't wait to show you off at church and at football games. Oh the possibilities. You're so easy going and low maintenance. I wish the rest were like you.

It's true. Size does matter. You tell me that you are smaller than the others I have at home. I think you might be a liar, but I don't care. You still make me feel good about myself.

I must warn you. I have been known to be somewhat abusive with others, but I will do my best to be careful with you and not hurt you in anyway. If you could go ahead and help me out by not hanging on to other things that aren't good for you, that would be just great. That will keep us both looking our best.
I'm really looking forward to your long happy life. Thanks for just being you.


Court said...

love it! i am laughing aloud. the post is even better than i dreamed it to be today. so glad you made it happen!

sassysouth said...


Libby Pratt said...

I just ordered this today, I'm glad to know you like it.


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