March 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

One of the things that Dude and I have talked about for a long time is how we can't wait to, someday, live in a real honest to goodness house with a fireplace and a fenced yard. Today I can report:
☑ (Honest to Goodness) House
☑ Fireplace
☑ Fenced backyard

Now, granted. This is more Dude's house than it is mine, but it's more fun to call it our house. Don't you think? Of course, you do (unless you're my sweet old-fashioned Dad). Anywho...

We are officially surburbanites (is that a word?) of the OTP variety - the thought of which, in our younger days, would've made both Dude and me break out into hives but now makes us feel all growns up. This will inevitably contribute to an increased level of commuter road rage on my part, but it's a trade off I was definitely willing to make after we fell in love with this little slice of earth. I am excited to explore our new neck of the woods, and I have this unavoidable urge to become a real part of our new community - you know, new church, maybe a tennis team (if I can ever learn how to actually keep my serve within the same zip code), pretending to trim the hedges while spying on the comings and goings of our wacky neighbor (Oh, how I hope there's a wacky neighbor)...THE WHOLE THING.

I really want to chronicle all of the craziness that will surely unfold as we (literally) move forward with this process which will include a few minor "adjustments" before we actually take up residence. For now, here's a little peek at the place we will soon call home...



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