June 20, 2011


In my effort to be a better blogger, I give you the AFTER pictures of our guest bath and master bath! Let's review, shall we?

Our guest bathroom started with shiny green tile that was probably original to the house, and an ivy stencil on the wall.

We hit a snag at the beginning of this project when the construction crew discovered a rotten subfloor after pulling up the tile. Not to be discouraged, we pressed on!

Now, here is the finished bathroom with new tile, paint, and fixtures!

The master bath started out with only a pedestal sink, a toilet, and the shower.
Counter space is an absolute MUST for me, so we replaced the pedestal sink with a small vanity and pushed out the opposite wall to make room for a larger second vanity.

Much better! I did have to sacrifice a little closet space with this, but we still have plenty of room in the closet, so that wasn't a big deal to me. We also added some built-in shelves that I totally love. The extra storage space is great especially with still-limited countertop space.

Progress, right?! We are finding new things everyday that we want to do, but I'm glad we've got these projects behind us!


Faith's Place said...

Nice job!!! Looks so much better!!!

Amy said...

Well, Paige, that is HIGH PRAISE coming from you!! Unfortunately, we had to hire people to do it for us! Wish I had a natural talent like yours!


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