January 9, 2013


Did your New Year's Resolution include a goal of doing something great for the world and/or (wo)mankind? Yes? Well, then! You've come to the right place!

2012 presented quite a few challenges for my family - most notably the BIG C reared its ugly head...a few times. I want to tell you about 3 amazing women in my life, and the battles they have been fighting over the last several months...

Diane is my brother's (Casey) mother-in-law. She is one of the kindest, sweetest souls you could ever hope to encounter. Early in the Summer of 2012, Casey sent the dreaded email informing us of her Breast Cancer diagnosis. To this point, this was the closest cancer had come to my immediate family. In case you haven't guessed already, I am extremely close with my brothers and sisters and the brave souls who married them. They have given me the greatest nieces and nephew in the world (sorry to all the other aunts and uncles...this is indisputable), and it has especially given my heart the warm and fuzzies knowing how much love they have coming from all directions...which leads me to Diane and her grandbabies. MY GOODNESS, they worship her!! MeMe (aka Diane) has 4 grandchildren - Addison, Braden, Lucy, and Maggie (the picture above was pre-Maggie). All four are under the age of 6, and are "all systems go" all the time! It's hard to keep up with them when you are in perfect health, much less when you are in the fight of your life, but Diane has proven to be tough as nails. Thanks to her support system of a wonderful husband, 3 amazing kids and their husbands and wife, her four fireball grandkids, and countless other family and friends, she is doing great, and we hope she is in the final stages of becoming cancer free!

Amanda is my brother's (Rux) wife and also an incredible woman and mom. She has two beautiful girls who you may have seen on my blog a few times before - Maddie and McKlane. Not long after Diane's diagnosis, Amanda went to the doctor for what she thought might be a hernia. It wasn't. Amanda is in spectacular shape and had become quite the CrossFit enthusiast. In one of her workouts, she noticed that something just didn't feel right, which led to her doctor's appointment. As a result, they found a tumor in her abdominal area that turned out to be Ovarian Cancer. Thanks to her great health and awareness of her own body, they found it early and she received a very optimistic prognosis. Even still, surgery and chemo were necessary. There have been some bumps in the road along the way, but Amanda's rock solid faith in her Savior, and her personal cheering squad (Rux, Maddie, and McKlane) have kept her spirits high. They've also had the help of some truly amazing friends who have stepped up with everything from meals, comforting gifts, and weekend escapes for the girls. We are EXTREMELY hopeful that Amanda has completed her treatment with her last round of chemo in November.

My mom. Her name is actually Sara, but everyone calls her Nena...except for her grandbabies who call her Mena which is what comes out when a 1-year-old tries to say "Mama Nena". Hearing the words, "it's cancer" about my mom absolutely took my breath away. How could this be happening in our family for a 3rd time in just a few months, and how could it possibly be happening to MY mom???? While I am, of course, thankful for the progress made in treating Breast Cancer, knowing that MY mom has it is one of the scariest feelings I've ever had. Everything moved really fast in the beginning - mammogram, biopsy, diagnosis, and mastectomy all happened in a matter of days. From the very first mention of the word "cancer", my mom's outlook has never wavered from grace and courage. My mom's support team is also full of rock stars - her sisters, my brothers, their wives, their kids, a husband who would do anything in the world for her, and many more friends and family who have been there for her in the most uplifting ways. My mom has always been my hero, but I've never been more amazed by her than I have been since this battle began. Her prognosis is great, and we are all looking forward to this whole cancer thing being in the rear view mirror.

I am now preparing to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 24th in honor and celebration of these princesses whom I am so very lucky to have in my life. In preparation, I have done quite a bit of research on charities, and I've come up with a catchy little name to join forces in fighting both Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer. TEAL is the awareness color for Ovarian Cancer and PINK, of course, is Breast Cancer, thus I give you TEALkled PINK! I hope you will consider helping me reach my fundraising goals by donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and/or the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. These organizations are doing great work that will hopefully someday eliminate the possibility of anymore princesses having to hear those scary words again! Maybe someone special in your life has been affected by one of these monsters - if so, pick that one! If not, then I so hope it never ever happens, and contributing to one of these causes is a step in making that prevention possible! Every penny counts! I would be TEALkled PINK if you would join me in the fight in honor of these special women in my life and the princesses in yours!


Anita said...

Amy, I am so sorry for all that your family is having to endure at the same time. I am so impressed with your half marathon you are doing in their honor, and I would love to support you. Like so many others, I already support both of these causes, but if there is a specific website or address where I can support them through your half marathon, please let me know. And thank you for sharing their stories. Your family is in my prayers, and I look forward to hearing your update on each of them becoming a survivor of cancer VERY soon! xoxo Anita

Amy said...

Thank you so much, Anita!!!! And THANK YOU for the support you've already given to both of these organizations. The links above are to my personal fundraising pages for each group, so you can access them there if you are so inclined. HOPE ALL IS WELL!!

Anita said...

Probably should have actually clicked on the links first! ;) So happy to support you, Amy, and so proud of you! Way to go!!!


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