May 28, 2009

Amazing Person #2

One of my dearest friends gave me a slap on the wrist this week for being a bad blogger. She is so right. I have neglected the blogosphere, so I thought it apropos to dedicate this post to her! Now, she needs a nickname. Let's call her.......Shiksa! That is a fitting name, and I think it will give her a much needed giggle.

May 1, 2009


BG turns the big 6-2 today. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Anyone who meets my dad immediately falls in love with him. He is one special person. He grew up in the same town where he still lives today. He and my 2 uncles were raised on a farm by two of the most humble and warm-hearted people on the planet. Nothing is more important to BG than family and God with Auburn football - well, Auburn in general - coming in as a close 3rd.

April 12, 2009

Easter in Small Town Alabama looks like...

To frame this up properly, I have to tell you. One of the things I love most about me is that I come from a tiny - and I mean TINY - small town in Alabama. You can count the number of traffic lights on one hand. Everybody knows everybody. When I was a mischievous teenager, my parents knew about the trouble I had gotten into, before I got home. Time stands absolutely still in places like this. It is virtually the same place that I left when I went away to college. But anyway...

April 4, 2009

April 4, 2008

This was a VERY exciting day in my world. Something I never thought possible became official. Five faces I never thought I would see in the same place again...were in the same place again. There were rumors. Lots of them. There were rumblings. There was reason to believe in the weeks prior to April 4th. But that day it became real. Very real.

March 25, 2009

Amazing Person #1

I have a very dear friend who lives in Chicago. He is truly one of the coolest people I've ever met. I'm going to give him a nickname here, but I have to tell you a little bit about him first. He and I met through a mutual friend and hit it off instantly. He is one of those people that can instigate bouts of side-splitting laughter in me easier than most...not that it's difficult for anyone, mind you (I'm a giggler), but he's just one of those people that is funny without really even trying. On top of his sheer talents as an accidental comedian, he has quite a story.

March 21, 2009


Let me tell you a little something about my best bud. His name is Beasley. He'll be 4 in June. He is black and white. He loves me unconditionally and is always happy to see me...and everyone else. All he wants in life is to be near me and occasionally some food, water, and a squeaky toy.
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