September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11th

Like everyone else, I can remember exactly where I was on September 11, 2001. As is still my ritual, I was sitting at my desk at work listening to The Rick & Bubba Show (morning radio program) as the tragic events began to unfold. I listened intently for as long as I could, but duty called and I had to go into a meeting. It was so strange. When I walked into the conference room the world still had no idea what exactly was happening. And when I walked out of that conference room, the world was completely different.

I didn't know anyone who died that day, but I will always remember them and the brave men and women who worked so courageously to save them that day and in the days that followed. And I will continue to be thankful for the men & women who are fighting for our freedom everyday and for the sacrifices that they and their families make so that we can all rest easy at night.

The following is a montage put together by the Rick & Bubba Show. I listen to it every year on September 11th.

I really hope that Rick & Bubba don't mind me posting this. I just wanted to share it with all of you. Be sure to hug your families, friends, and special people in your life a little closer today. I know I will.

September 10, 2009

Munchkin sings WAR EAGLE!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, HELLO, old friend!

Is there anyone out there? Probably not, and I don't blame you.

This Summer proved to be more hectic than even I anticipated. A lot has happened - an amazing trip, The Prince's arrival, and the addition of a special someone into my world. Lots to discuss. But first things first!

FOOTBALL SEASON is upon us!! Let me start by saying,
The Auburn Football team has been surrounded by question marks in the pre-season. I don't think any of us knew what to expect. With the hiring of Coach Chizik, BG and the bros seemed ready to revolt. True, the Chiz's resume was not the best of the rumored candidates (understatement), but he did surprisingly well with recruiting and made some GREAT hires, which has at least postponed the family boycott for now.

I am especially excited to have Tracy Rocker and Gus Malzahn on the coaching staff. It was such a thrill to see Tracy back on The Plains at Tiger Walk and on the sidelines. A true Auburn man. I think he has great potential. Malzahn's offense was the biggest boost for me on Saturday against Louisiana Tech. Yes. I know. Louisiana Tech. Say what you will about this opponent, but Auburn can't assume any game is a "gimme" this year. All things considered, I was very pleasantly surprised with what I saw. Malzahn is one helluva play caller, and he's talked a lot this week about how he wasn't satisfied with what he saw on Saturday. I love his style. Any guy who pronounces 'Saturday' as 'Sardy' is my kind of dude. And Ontario McCalebb??!! This dude is for realz, y'all!! And he's only a true freshman! Still not sure about the QB situation, but if the powers-that-be say that Chris Todd is our man, then I will trust...for now.

Aside from the actual game, it was AUsome to be back in Auburn for the day! A lot of it has changed so much that I don't even recognize it, but the spirit and feel are still the same. It was great to see some old friends and catch a little of the Ben Leard Show!! HOLLA! The ladies and Mama Bell put on quite a tailgate too, so hats off!! Looking forward to many more this year!!

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