January 31, 2011

HELLO, 2011!

OK. OK. I know it's a little late for a HAPPY NEW YEAR post, but it's still January, right??? At least for a few more hours.

LOTS of exciting things going on in my world.

A new family member!
Dude and I adopted a new member into our pack (***insert the obvious quotes from 'The Hangover'***). Dude found Layla when he was out for a run in late October. She was wandering around in a busy intersection, and his huge heart (one of the many things I love about him) couldn't let her stay out there and get hit by a car. He brought her home that night, and we spent the next several weeks searching for her home and then searching for someone who might want to adopt her. When someone was actually interested in meeting her, we got a big dose of reality and decided we'd fallen too much in love with her. So there we have it. She's here to stay.

I mean, seriously. How could anyone resist those ears?! We are convinced she occassionally receives signals from galaxies far far away. She is the baby of the family with the vet guessing her to be around 1 year old, and she is every bit the rambunctious toddler. She has a heart of gold though, and we are crazy about her.

Again, I'm still trying to find the proper words for this. A dream come true, for sure. The whole season was just absolutely amazing, capped off by an AUsome trip to Arizona that ended up being a few days longer than we had planned thanks to Snowapaloosa 2011.

The party has yet to stop! Just last weekend, I attended the celebration on The Plains with my best gal pals and 77,999 of our fellow Tigers. And now, SIGNING DAY is upon us! We've got high hopes for another stellar bunch of freshly minted Tigers...and future National Champions!

The truth is, I'm still on Cloud 9 over all of this, so a more eloquent tribute will have to wait. I'm working on it...

I am officially a landlord! I've considered rocking a Mr. Furley-esque leisure suit complete with kicky scarf, but I haven't quite found the right ensemble. Being a landlord will surely make for some good commentary, since it seems as though some little thing needs fixing everyday. Many life lessons ahead, I'm sure.

More exciting things to come! 2011 is shaping up nicely thus far. Real real nice, indeed.


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