October 25, 2010


Now that I’ve had a day to process this whole #1 business, I have a few thoughts on the matter (shocking).

As I watched the “BCS Countdown” show last night (still not sure why we need a 45-minute show for this) and saw the top ten tick away, I’ll admit – my heart was racing a bit. When that big O popped up in the #2 slot, I actually squealed. Yes, I squealed. People, I know this ranking doesn’t mean anything right now – Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma have definitely proven that in recent weeks. It’s just different for us. The aforementioned teams have all had their time at the top, and all three of them have had national championships in this century. This week is different, because, as the Auburn family, we are in uncharted territory. We’ve never had “1” by our name in the ESPN ticker. As simply as I can state it, this is a first, and it feels good.

Bama fans, I know it sucks for you to see us on the top of that list (or any list, for that matter). BELIEVE ME. I know. But I have to tell you that no amount of negativity that you send in our direction will change how much fun we're having right now. It simply has nothing to do with you. We have a good team and a GREAT quarterback. What more can you say about it? We have beaten everyone in our path – some (if not most) in heart-pounding fashion. One way or another, we’ve come out on top every week…so far.

In a lot of ways, Auburn and Alabama fans are so similar, but there is one area where we couldn’t be more different. The Auburn family is, by and large, a group of realists – cautious optimists – even downright pessimists depending on the day. Being a generally positive and optimistic person, this outlook challenges my sensibilities, but I respect that my people tend to deal and live in reality – a very good thing when it comes to sports. We don’t make outlandish predictions before the season starts, and we don’t claim mythical national championships. That’s just not our style. And I like it. In the last 24 hours, I have heard/seen a lot of you remind us that we still have to play Alabama. Thanks for that. This will be the 64th consecutive year that our little battle has taken place, but I sure am glad you feel the need to keep that in the forefront…you know, in case anyone forgets. But let me tell you what is in the forefront of OUR minds right now – Ole Miss. Next week it will be Chattanooga. The next week it will be Georgia. We’ll get to you soon enough.

I have no idea what is going to happen in the coming weeks, but there is one thing of which I am completely sure – it won't make a bit of difference in how proud I am to be a part of the Auburn family. It isn’t a choice. I was born this way. It’s part of who I am. It doesn’t matter if we lose every game, I would still love it just as much and be just as proud to claim it as my alma mater. I would rather be an Auburn woman on our worst day than anything else on their best.

Auburn fans will enjoy this week, but we will take it for what it is – just one week. Just one ranking. The only one that really matters is the one in the end, and we are nowhere close to thinking about that yet. We’ll leave the fantasy and speculation to you, Bama. We’ve got work to do. See you in November.

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