September 16, 2011

Not So Surprising

I love feel-gooder stories that boost my faith in humanity, so here's one for you on this fine Friday.

I take you to last Saturday. A lovely day on The Plains, and a great day for a win against Starkpatch. My Uncle Mark came to Auburn to enjoy the game (as usual) and was also bringing with him 4 tickets for this Saturday's game against/at Clemson. He had the tickets in tow, because my brother was buying two of them from him, and they were to make the exchange at halftime.

When Mark arrived in Auburn, he checked to make sure he had the tickets (he did), and started his walk from the car to the stadium. When he got to the stadium - horror. He discovered he no longer had the Clemson tickets on his person. Figuring they were lost for good, he recounted the story to us at halftime at our standard family meet-up on the ramp outside of one of the scholarship sections where BG (my dad) sits. We were all saddened to hear this tale and felt bad for Mark and baby bro who were planning on using the tickets the following (this) weekend. But wait....

Uncle Mark
Behold! The happy ending...

I don't have the full details of the story, but I'll give you the general jist. As it turns out, a faithful, wonderful, and TYPICAL Auburn Man found Uncle Mark's tickets and contacted the Auburn Ticket Office with hopes of finding the rightful owner and returning them to him/her. As luck would have it, Mark did indeed buy his tickets through Auburn, so they were able to track them back to him. This wonderful Auburn Man gave Uncle Mark a call and said he would overnight the tickets to him, so he would have them in time for Saturday. Mark, eternally grateful, offered/insisted to reimburse the gentleman for the shipping expense, but he wouldn't hear of it. "Just do a kind deed for someone else in the future," the Auburn Man said. And that was that. All was right with the world (well, that might be overstating, but that's what I do).

So let this little story roll around in your soul a little bit today. It's so simple and something you would hope any decent person would do, but, when you hear it, it's a little surprising in the best possible way. Surprising, that is, if you don't really know Auburn people. Was I suprised? Delighted. Grateful. Inspired. Yes. But, surprised? Not really.

That's just the Auburn Family, and it is real.
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